We also craft highly-detailed pendants: Spartan Shield, Thor's Hammer, Gadsden Flag, SPQR Roman Eagle, Scottish Lion Rampant, Viking Wolf
Our pendants honor the great warrior cultures. They are made in the USA, have worldwide flat-rate shipping (free for 2+), and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Shirts for fearless, brilliant, and innovative warriors, geniuses, and leaders. We've got Viking shirts, Celtic t shirts, Spartan tees, Roman tee shirts, and cool shirts too! Tell your friends and followers!
T-shirt Valhalla! A wide variety of cool, modern, and ancient Viking shirts.  These Viking tees are meant for the modern Viking who's in need of cool Viking clothing.  Great selection of Odin shirts, Thor shirts, and Viking symbols.  Hail Odin!
Viking T-Shirts
You must have the luck of the Irish, because if you're a Celt in need of a Celtic shirt, this is the place.  Irish shirts, Welsh shirts, Scottish shirts, and more shall be found here!  Check out the 8-bit Highlander shirt!
Celtic T-Shirts
No passport?  These shirts are accepted everywhere.*  Canada, USA, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, and more. The Nova Scotia tee designs are all original and a must-have for any proud Bluenoser! <p> *They are accepted nowhere, but look cool.
State, Province, and Country T-Shirts
This is Sparta!  Well, it's not actually, but it's the place to find Spartan and Roman shirts.  The Roman army and the Spartan phalanx are well-represented by the warrior tees here!
Roman and Spartan T-Shirts
The goal is to get great scientists, thinkers, leaders, and warriors on these t-shirts.  Wearing one of these tees might remind people (sheeple) that moronic celebrities just don't matter in the grand scheme of things.
Great Men T-Shirts
Lots of bizarre, funny, and cool t shirt designs.  There is no rhyme or reason to the tees in this section.  To ponder the connections is madness.  Be satisfied that the shirts here are cool, and so shall you be when you wear one of them.
Cool T-Shirts

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